Enjoying our first wine country tasting at Sebastiani Winery, Sonoma
Have you heard of 90+ Cellars? Unfortunately these wines are only sold in a few states but they are growing. Basically they buy out the overstock barrels from vinyards that have already received a 90+ rating and distribute in their own private label. I've tried the Cab, Merlot, Melbac, Chardonnay, Rielsling and more, and have yet to find one that isn't outstanding. With prices from $10 to $15 it a great value. Visit their website.

Speaking of value, I recently discovered Greystone Cellars. For around $9 pick up a bottle worth almost twice that. My personal favorite is the Cabernet Sauvignon and the Merlot is just as good.

Each label features a picture of a cork screw from the famous collection of Brother Timothy of Christian Brothers winery

I noticed that I had two of these in my cellar. I guess I must have really liked it at a tasting. So I opened one this weekend and WOW. What a great tasting wine. Fruity, bold, just the right amount of tanins. Produced by the same people who brought you "The Prisoner" but for less than half the price.I'm not usually this crazy over blends but at $15 this is worth a try. Time to add a case of "The Culprit" this to the cellar!
In 2010 my home remodel project was to finish the basement by adding a wine cellar
Of course what's a wine cellar without a lounge to enjoy the wine in? Added later that year
Laura in front of Mondavi Vineyards
Waiting for the tour at Cakebread

Tonight we will be pouring.....

My next home improvement project????