The Shrugs


The Shrugs were a Boston based guitar pop band in the mid nineties. The band released two singles that received college radio air play throughout the country. The bands goal was to write infectious pop tunes that were not afraid of a loud guitar.

  • Dan Generous - vocals, guitar
  • Matt Kilburn - lead guitar, vocals
  • Kent Wood - bass, vocals
  • Joel Friedman - drums (1993-1994)
  • Dave Malefatto - drums (1994-1996)

"Pink Elephant" was the Shrugs first single. Recorded at Studio 45 in Hartford, CT it was released in July of 1994 and received airplay on college radio across the country.

Pink Elephant

Pink Elephant - The Shrugs


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This singles b side was "I'm Still Breatin'"

I'm Still Breathin


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Billboard Magazine, Sept. 95

This Boston based quartet serves up some stirring rock on it's debut single. Jagged guitar riffs clash with bittersweet vocals on "Broken", while the bonus cut, "Run" is equally intriguing.

The Noise-Boston, MA Dec. 95

Pete Townsend once said that the best pop songs he ever wrote clocked in at two minutes and fifty seconds. Dan Generous, singer, guitarist, and principle songwriter of The Shrugs, goes one step better, with most of his tunes hovering around the 2:12 mark. With the latest single which includes two songs dealing with life and loneliness, Generous and company are still mining the old pop-punk standard: short, sweet, and just the right amount of hooks. These days the band has earned favorable reviews layered with such phrases as edgy, jagged, melodic, and bittersweet, owing more to Paul Westerberg than to Billie Joe Armstrong.

Although they come complete with biting guitar lines, a solid rhythm section, and colorful harmonies, some may argue that The Shrugs aren't really covering any new ground. Maybe not but with songs as short and catchy as these I would still like to see how many would make up a double length CD!

Baby Sue Music Review-Atlanta,GA Jan.96

Another interesting single came to us from The Shrugs. Songs are "Broken" b/w "Run". The Shrugs play basic pop/rock with particularly appealing verve and energy...and really good vocals.The songs are short and to the point and rather cathcy indeed.

Northeast Performer-Boston, MA Dec,95

"Broken" would be categorized as short catchy rock pop, a great introduction to the band if you have less than two minutes to capture their sound for someone's ears. "Run" tilts heavier but still contains poppy vocals. Seems like they are a fun spirited live.


"Broken" was the Shrugs second single. Recorded by Daron Burke at the Cold Room in Boston, the single was released in June of 1995. Broken received college airplay throught the country and received positive reviews from both the local and national press.

Broken - The Shrugs


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This singles b side was "Run"

Run - The Shrugs


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Drowning - The Shrugs


As part the first demo recording sessions "Drowning" was one fof the first songs written by Dan Generous and Matt Kilburn in post Barking Brains period

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Foreign Movie - The Shrugs


696 - The Shrugs


Both of these songs were from the second round of demo recordings. 696 was a song originally written for the Barking Brains. The band slowed down the tempo and Matt added some tasty licks for a different feel.

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