hub family
Probably my favorite picture. Me and the ladies at Top of the Hub August 2010.
linda birthday
A nice get together in Southington for Linda's birthday, December 2010
Justin, Linda and Matthew make the Pierogies as Billy tends to the frying pan
Linda, Laura, and Mom. The Pierogi Queen and her court. Pierogi Day 2010
dad bday
Dad's 80th birthday party at "Great Taste" in New Britain

Friends, family, and fans, we are all brought here today by love. For most of us it is love for the Sox that draws us here. For Dan and Laura it is their love for each other. Like being a Sox fan, marriage is not for the timid. It is not something to take lightly. It requires determination, patience, and devotion. There may be rough times, but the faithful and dedicated will find a lifetime of joy.

Do you, Laura, take Dan, through 20-win seasons and stints on the DL, through lights-out closers and bullpens-by-committee, through wire-to-wire pennants and late-season swoons?

Do you, Dan, take Laura through thirty-game hit streaks and 0-30 slumps, through rain-outs and, blowouts and late-inning rallies and long beer lines?


By the powers vested in Matt by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the state of intoxication he hereby pronounced us...hitched


The Vows


Best Man Dan and the "Mattster" of Ceremonies


The crowd goes wild!!!


August 18th 2007