Hiking, Camping, Sleeping on the ground...

Dan Weddle and I have been hiking Northern New England and beyond since 1988. Below are some pix with various "guest stars"
Mt Osceloa, New Hampshire.

One of the more interesting points in the Mt Osceloa climb.  Matt and Kent look up to the small challenge I just conqured.  Summer of 2010.

dan hand
A clever pic by Dan, letting Kent rest in his hand, with me, Matt and Rob half way up Mt.Washington September of 2008

Campfire, beer, guitars...does one really need anything else??


September 2008

dan dan mt wash
Dan and I on Mt. Washington, summer 2006??
Me, Dan, Kent and Matt reach the summit of Mt. Moosilauke, New Hampshire, August 2007
Around mile 11 of the Boston 1/2 marathon, October 2011
Starting line of the Run To Remember, Boston May 2011

In a desperate attempt to not completely fall apart I’ve decided to start running in a few ½ marathons every year.  I’d like to say, “ I love to run”  but that would be a lie.

Nervously waiting to begin the Boston Run To Remember May 2011
Here's a random picture of me, Matt Kilburn, Jef Taylor and Ben Pomicter taken during a cookout at Ben and Carrie Pomicter's house. I love this pic. I almost want to start a band with these guys just to use it as an album cover. One of our friends commented that it looked like something from Resevoir Dogs. Ahhh yes, The BBQ Doggs, rockin' the house.